Grow your loyal user base
We have created a platform that analyses hundreds of data points during your mobile user acquisition campaign, provides actionable reports and optimises your ROI in real-time. This creates an opportunity of attracting the right users who will stay loyal to the apps.
Traffic distribution system
We value the effective use of data and we provide a great solution to our partners to track and analyse the data regarding every offer promoted with our help. Our smart system optimises audience targeting in real-time, maximises your ROI – while respecting user privacy.
Media formats
Knowing the right user and their preferences is the essential part of a successful promotion. We have direct access to all the major mobile display and rich media SSPs, which brings the best direct placements for your audience making sure the client’s expectations are met.
User audiences and cohorts
Running successful promotional campaigns always involves detailed planning, correct targeting and most importantly, optimisation. Years of experience in the field of online advertisement, combined with our innovative technology, help us stand out in terms of quality of the traffic.
In-depth insights
We provide insights regarding the traffic sources, their origin in terms of GEO location, device types and applications used in order to promote the offers. This helps us and the advertisers distinguish better the users, their needs and how to better serve them, hence creating a better user experience while promoting apps.
D-LAB Tracking Platform
In order to succeed in the ever-changing mobile user acquisition industry, we have developed a platform (tracker), that gives the necessary flexibility to the clients to help them define the traffic specifics that will suit their needs. We understand the importance of being able to adjust the technology to the market developments, and this is one of the most valuable assets of our platform.
User Acquisition Practices
User acquisition, even though diverse and changing, still represents the core part of business growth. Therefore, having a platform that combines a smart tracker with user-friendly client interface is essential in the current market for being successful.
Setting Goals
We help our clients set achievable goals per campaign in order to get the best results possible from the promotion of their apps. Setting clear KPIs, optimising the traffic while adapting to the market developments can be a key factor for successful campaigns and an increased user engagement.
DSP traffic
If you are using DSPs for acquiring traffic and promoting apps, and you are looking for good campaigns with good budgets, then you are in the right place. By using our API integration, you will gain access to a vast variety of campaigns that require traffic, and you will be able to use your media buying skills to get the best results.
In-app traffic
If you have an app or a platform with apps and you are able to set specific advertising banners or videos within those apps, and you are looking for campaigns to use that ad space, reach out to us to discuss potential partnership opportunities.
To better understand how our API works, please refer to the links below that will help you in the first steps of the integration.
Examples of our successful campaigns
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